FoxVideoEditor is tool kit for you to edit you lovely video in easy way that you never been experienced before. With FoxVideoEditor in hand, won’t be you feel tedious any more when you edit video no matter what you to do, such as convert video format, cut video you interested, crop portion of video frame, make a funny gif from a video, merge several videos together, add your logo or whatever text on video and record you funny or lovely life into a video.

It is multilingual software, supporting English, Chinese, Japanese, French and Russian. When you install software, you can choose language you prefer.

It supports Windows and Mac OS X.



Here, let me pull this nice product – FoxVideoEditor, to the front of you and show how it can surprise you.  A picture is more than thousands of words, so my dear customer, let me show screenshot firstly.

Main Screen

Convert Single Video

Convert Multiple Videos

Cut Video

Split Video

Crop Video

Merge Video

Add Watermark

Make Gif from Video

Record Video from Camera


Let see what those features mean and how it can help you.


As to how to use each function of FoxVideoEditor, please click following link.

How to use FoxVideoEditor



This is a shareware, that is, you got some limitation if you use trial version. Limitation here is that our company logo will be added on each video. If you want to remove the logo, please click registration button of the main interface to purchase. You can also directly access website to buy FoxVideoEditor.

No one is allowed to distribute the software. All rights reserved by FoxAVideo Tech.


Useful link

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