Geographic Location based DNS

If your customers are from not only from local but also world wide, and you hope users could experience good speed when browser your website, then one solution would be your choice that let users access the closest your server. While the service like this is known as "Geographic Location Based DNS". However, most tranditional dns service provider, like godaddy, doesn't supply this service.

Geographic location based DNS return different server IP based end users's IP address, for example, when end user try to access, in case end user is from China, then resolve the domain to server's IP which is located in China, if from out side fo China, a server's IP which is located in Hong Kong and USA would return to end user. This is a classic scenario. It's pleasure that FoxAvideo supply this service for you and customize it based your requirement.

The core of this service is IP address range match. DNS server get end user IP and try to match the IP address range according the latest global IP address assigned database. Hence, the accuracy of ths service is seriousely relay on global IP database. While the database we used would be updated periodically by get update from international organization.

Our GeoDNS server is from famous native and international server provider, which ensure 99.999% stability. In addition, we provide multiply servers to resolve single point failure.

Our GeoDNS service also provide statistics of resolving your domain to let you understatnd what's frequency domain resolving and location information of your domain dns query.

If you are intertested in geographic location based DNS, or you need this service, or you want to learn more information on it, feel free to contact us by email: