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With 360Converter Offline Transcriber, you can easily transcribe local video, audio file or YouTube video; do not need upload your file to anywhere; do not need wait in long queue for your transcript; no file size limitation.


  • Sources supported(You can open following files)
    • Local Video
    • Local Audio
    • YouTube Video
  • Exports
    • Export PDF file
  • Languages supported
    • English
    • Chinese
    • French
    • Spanish
    • German
    • Arabic
  • Operate System supported
    • Windows 10(64bit)
    • Windows 7(64bit)
    • Mac OS X

Minimum Hardware Requirement

CPU: Duel core CPU 2.4GHz
RAM: 4G(Free memory) 8G is recommended
Hard Disk: 50G

How to Use

With full version of 360Converter Offline Transcriber, its pretty straightforward to use it by simply opening file or specifying YouTube video URL to start. (If you are using trial version, there is a limitation. You need activate it to get ride of the limitation with a License Code)

- Open your audio/video file
- Or open YouTube video by copy/paste YouTube URL
- Click 'transcribe' button to start
- It will show 'Preparing and loading model'
- After this, transcribing starts, and your transcipt will be showing in center of screen
- When it's done, you could export it as pdf

In the situation where 360Converter Offline Transcriber refuses to work, closes it suddenly or crashes, you could collect log file and send it to us by which we can tell what happened at your side. We could either solve the problem immediately, provide a work-around or plan to fix it and produce a patch if it is a bug. To retrieve the log file, read Prepare Log File.


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