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With 360Converter Offline Transcriber, you can easily transcribe local video, audio file or YouTube video, to get text; do not need upload your file to anywhere; do not wait in long queue for your transcript; no file size limitation.


  • Sources supported(You can open following files)
    • Local Video
    • Local Audio
    • YouTube Video
  • Exports
    • Export PDF file
  • Languages supported
    • English
  • Operate System supported
    • Windows 10(64bit)
    • Windows 7(64bit)
    • Mac OS X

Minimum Hardware Requirement

CPU: Duel core CPU 2.4GHz
Hard Disk: 50G


- Right click zip file you downloaded to extract setup file
- Double click to start setup
- Just keep all default options if you don't want to change anything and all the way click 'next'
- During installation you will be asked to install Micrsoft VC runtime, check agreement and continue installation
- For Windows 7, after installation, you are required to restart machine.
- For Windows 10, after installation, Offline transcriber is ready for use

You might see following window from 'Microsoft Defender SmartScreen' when you lanch the installer, click 'More Info'

Then click 'Run anyway' to start installation

The reason Windows shows such information is that, publisher, here it's, need buy certificate from Code Sign Certificate Association to sign offline transcriber

How to Use

With full version of 360Converter Offline Transcriber, its pretty straitforward to use it by simply opening file or specifying YouTube video URL to start. (If your version is trial version, there is limitation, activate it to get ride of limitation. To get activate the software, you need a license code.

- Open your audio/video file
- Or open YouTube video by copy/paste YouTube URL
- Click 'transcribe' button to start
- It will show 'Preparing and loading model'
- After this, transcribing starts, and your transcipt will be showing in center of screen
- When it's done, you could export it as pdf


For Windows( 7 64bit | 10 64bit )